From Our Hands to Their Hands

A Bible Outreach Ministry

Our Mission

To bring God's Word to remote areas of the Philippines by printing, shipping and placing Bibles in the hands of thousands of people in the Philippines in their native language.

Who We Are

From Our Hands to Their Hands is a non-profit outreach ministry that delivers Bibles to remote parts of the Philippines. These Bibles are printed in Philippine dialects such as Tagalog, Ilonggo, and Cebuano as well as English. Bibles are printed in the United States which are then cut and bound by volunteers. By way of donations and fundraisers, the Bibles are then shipped to the Philippines where they are distributed to some of the most remote parts of the Country by way of horses, automobiles, boats, oxen, water buffalo, and hiking rugged mountain trails. Visit our "Journey of a Bible" page to learn more about our distribution methods.